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Inconvenience of Change: The Problem with Tomorrow

Most change agents out there are dreamers at heart. We dream the kinds of dreams that you can only dream when awake, and most of these dreams have one central theme: tomorrow can be better than today. It was Robert Kennedy who first put into words what most of us dreamers think about each day ...

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Social Justice is Inconvenient [Mandy Siu]

It took me a while to get started on this article, but I finally gave up on trying to come up with a great post on personal change and went with what I know best: social justice. I’m an activist by profession and passion so it’s hard for me not to talk about politics whenever ...

6 mins

The Convenience of Mediocrity [Rikin Diwan]

As individuals, we all are inherently wanting in nature. We want to accomplish, to impact, to make proud, and to be remembered. We are rarely satisfied and in constant search of opportunities that will bring us closer to completing our personal ‘missions’. It is not always easy and we must often change ourselves before we ...

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We Love Eric (The Inconvenience of Change)

Today, I’m making change a little more convenient for you As we put the spotlight on changing the world and ‘The Inconvenience of Change’ this month at Life Without Pants, I want to use this platform to raise awareness about something that could use a lot of changing – the health-care system in America. Regardless ...

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