Last week I had the pleasure of attending The Altimeter Group’s first conference, The Rise of Social Commerce, in Palo Alto, California. This was an amazing event with an outstanding line up of industry leaders and innovators who are changing the way we make buying decisions online. As I developed and continually updated the conference’s [...]

Recently, Courtney Dial, the founder of Pizzazzerie, wrote a great piece on Arment Dietrich’s F.A.D.S. titled “Why is Generation Y Not on Twitter“. The title alone had me thinking because, it seems like the vast majority of you out there seem to think that, well, everyone is participating in Social Media these days.

They’re not.

You and I are in the minority. The active Millennials on Twitter still represent the ‘early adopter’ phase of an entire generation. Don’t believe me? A recent study by Pingdom present some pretty surprising statistics. In short, you and I as twenty-somethings are not, at all, the majorty of the population on the Social Web.

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An interesting conversation amongst some friends and acquaintances took place yesterday on Twitter in which we were discussing the value of the popular Social Media “news” site Mashable. Maybe you read Mashable, maybe you don’t, Maybe you love it, or maybe you can’t stand their intertwining of Social Media news, PR reports, and celebrity gossip. Maybe you think [...]

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the two-day MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer in Chicago. Not only did I walk away with some new friends, I took with me a plethora of  new ideas and actionable items from the best of the best in the world of blogging and Social Media. The common theme? Your blog and [...]

You are being watched and you will be found You can run, you can hide, but no matter where you go – the social media revolution will find you. Social media is changing the way we do business, the way we communicate and share ideas, and even the way we think and carry out our [...]

What is Follow Friday? As Ron [Hubel] so aptly states above, “Follow Friday on Twitter is a little tradition they have every Friday where people recommend to their followers other people to follow.” Basically, we give a shout out to people we respect, find interesting, or are otherwise not annoying. On a platform that is [...]

Facebook is either desperate or brilliant. They’ve been rolling out the punches this week – first with their aquistion of FriendFeed, then in their addition of Realtime Facebook Search, and now they have plans to release a stripped-down over-simplified version of their platform aptly named ‘Facebook Lite‘. Myspace I’m not here to break the news, [...]

Simplicity = Success Twitter is one of the most valuable communication and social networking tools to date – they have taken the KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) mentality and ran with it – which has been supremely successful thus far. Where it will go from here once advertising and these so called ‘Pro’ accounts come [...]