The stereotypes of Gen Y have been beaten to death. Arrogant. Ungrateful. Rebellious. Stubborn. Know-it-alls – and the overarching idea that we’re better than anyone and everyone who’s come before us.

Some have truth, others, not so much. I’ve held firm to the belief that we are a victim of circumstance. That our beliefs and ideals are not drastically different from those of previous generations, but that our circumstance, the environment we’ve grown up in, and the tools at our disposal, has a dramatic impact on the way we think. The way we tick.

I’ve tacked the label of Generation Now, Justin Kan, a 28 year old entrepreneur and founder of, labels us as Generation Make“. Last week on TechCrunch, he shared some great insight into the mindset of a millennial.

“We are a generation of makers. A generation of creators. Maybe we don’t have the global idealism of the hippies. Our idealism is more individual: that every person should be able to live their own life, working on what they choose, creating what they choose. If you want to build a company to change the world, go for it. If you want to be an independent knife maker, what is stopping you?

We follow our passions. If we do it as a business, then we can create the ability to support ourselves doing what we love, and with some measure of security and autonomy that no institution is going to grant us. The Millennial path to self-actualization is the individual path, each man to create it for himself.”

In short, we believe the world is at our fingertips. That we have shit to say. That anything that can be done, will be done, and that we can do it, or find a way to make it happen.

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