The Friday Response: How to Build a Badass Blog

Every Friday I break down and comment on an article I’ve read recently that inspired me, enlightened me, challenged me, or otherwise made me think. I also share some of my favorite links from the week that was. This is: The Friday Response.

9 Ways You Can Build a Blog That Matters by Benny Hsu on Get Busy Living

Benny recently wrote an article that will without a doubt inspire you to either 1) start blogging or 2) make your blog better. I’ve shared before that I believe starting and maintaining a blog can completely change your life. It will introduce you to people you would’ve never met. It will open the door to business opportunities. It will make you smarter. It will change your perspective. It will open your mind to new ideas. It will give you solace. It will spark conversation. It can inspire change. And overall, it feels damn good to write about something you care about.

Benny hits the nail on the head in a very real and tangible way with these nine tips:

(1) Write epic shit: Without good content, the other 8 steps won’t make a difference. My biggest piece of advice? Don’t worry about narrowing your focus TOO much. Don’t over-think things. Allow yourself to be a bit random, but above all, write with passion. Passion is relatable, interesting, and compelling.

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Friday Quick Hits – The Year of Optimism Edition

For the first time in 2012, TGIF! As a blogger and as someone who reads a lot of blogs, what I love more than anything about the first week of the year is the unanimous optimism amongst writers and thinkers everywhere. If you make it through the first week of the year uninspired, check your pulse.

The trick? Keeping that momentum going every day of the year. Taking pictures of the sunset every Monday when you get off work, just to admire it’s beauty. Posting to Facebook how much shit you’re going to make happen during the week ahead, and commenting on how awesome last weekends spontaneous dance party was. It’s things like this, celebrating every little moment, every success – those things we’re all doing right now, that I implore you to continue doing, every Friday, every Monday, and every day throughout the year.

So, the first Quick Hits of 2012. I better make it a good one, eh? Here goes nothing…

Best From Around the Web

  • How To Survive Your First Year as an Entrepreneur - Outstanding, or at least, interesting advice shared in this article on TechCrunch. I’m all-in on Jame’s advice of bringing in a masseuse to the office every Friday, but the one point that I agree with more than any other? Follow up. I am a perpetual follower-upper, and for the few times it may be annoying to clients, it’s more than paid off time and time again.

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Friday Quick Hits – 12.16.11

Hello from my second-home of Chicago! I’m spending a couple weeks here visiting friends and family, eating entirely way too much food, and trying, as hard as I can, to legitimately unplug and relax. Here’s to hoping the next week leading up to Christmas is as relaxing and stress free as possible for you!

Each week I recap some of the best things I’ve read/seen/heard from around the web. I also get you up to date on what you may have missed here on the blog. It’s perfect “right-before-the-weekend-already-checked-out-at-work-on-a-Friday-afternoon” reading. Without further ado, here goes nothing.

Best From Around the Web

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