The World Is a Lot Bigger Than You Think

There is a lot of talk about competition out there these days – and the competitive nature, across industries, of our generation (and to be honest, every generation). There’s also a lot of talk about collaboration, working together, uniting and pushing each other to do more and be at our best.

The truth of the matter is – we’re all hustling. Hell, I’ve never see so much hustle in my entire life as I’ve seen in the past six months. There is so much moving, shaking, and go-getting taking place out there, it makes my head spin. And it’s awesome, really awesome – to be able to clash ideas, share thoughts, brainstorm proposals, start projects…you name it. Whatever you want to do, with whoever you want to do it with – the possibilities are endless. I’ve talked to a TON of people over the past two weeks – and every single on of them has these amazing dreams, innovative ideas, and incredible goals that they want to achieve. It’s pretty damn inspiring.

But then there’s this competition thing – something that can motivate and drive you to greatness, but can then turn on a dime and make you a bitter and miserable person. And I don’t really understand it – I don’t understand the bitterness, the “I was here first” attitude, the unwillingness of some people to do good for others and instead siding with selfishness. Guys…Being generous pays dividends, and worrying about what everyone else is doing is a waste of time. Yes, you should keep an eye out on the horizon, but instead of worrying about the other people around you who who are achieving success at whatever it is they’re doing – you should be worrying about what YOU’RE doing, what you can be doing better, and you YOU personally can best serve your community, clients, etc.

The world is bigger than you think. This idea goes way beyond our Gen Y Twitter community, this idea is national and international – there are millions and millions of people hustling out there – and it all comes down to one thing. Finding your niche. Finding what you’re great at. Working to develop your own skills – and letting your target market know you’re there.

It’s not about being the best. You’re not the best, I’m not the best – none of us are the best. THERE IS NO BEST, capiche?

We’re all good at something, or someTHINGS – don’t ever let the competition diminish what you’re good at, and don’t waste your time bashing everyone else. Know what you can do, and own it – take it to the bank. Everyone has different styles, everyone has different approaches – and this just in – you’re not going to please everyone along the way – you’re going to make some amazing connections, build some incredible friendships, make a lot of money, and while you’re at it, piss some people off and rub them the wrong way. You can’t win them all, no matter how hard you try.

With success comes competition – with competition comes envy and jealousy – don’t fall into the trap. Know that there are other people out there doing very similar things that you are but that the world we live in is a MASSIVE place ripe with opportunity for you, me, and everyone else. You have something to offer that I don’t – that no one else does.

Focus on what YOU can and should be doing, forget all the rest. Everyone who wants to can (and will) achieve greatness.

What are YOU focusing on?