Wow, what a week what a week (and I don’t say that lightly). A lot of great things going on close to home, and an OUTSTANDING week for the RSS reader (more than I can recap here). Without further ado, here are some “cant miss reads” from the week.

How Listening to Your Bubble Costs you Money

Lisa Barone and the Outspoken Media crew do it again with a great post on why you need to think, network, and do business OUTSIDE your “bubble”. Constantly surrounding yourself with the same people can be extremely limiting to you and your business – Never be afraid to reach out an meet someone new!

A Valediction to Stillness: Becoming Unstoppable

Cali Harris writes a great piece on “becoming unstoppable”, but also presents a valediction of “stillness”. She hit it home for me when she said, “I’ve completed so much by setting out to not complete anything”. Sometimes, trying to be productive is the most counter-productive thing you can do.

I Miss Respect

So says Teresa Basich, and I couldn’t agree more. I wrote about competition (the pros and cons) last week and this post even further reiterates my point. We’d all be a lot better of if we cut out the negativity and simply respected one another, even if we don’t agree 100% with what everyone else is doing. Negativity never helps anyone. GO READ THIS POST (seriously) – Teresa lays it out much more eloquently than I can.

When it Hits the Brain, it Feel so Good (That’s What She Said)

Grace Boyle take a look at inspiration and presents a few tactics for making sure that when inspiration strikes, you’re ready for it, wherever you may be.

Love Me in the Morning (That’s What She Said)

There was an interesting pattern of posts sounding much dirtier than they actually ended up being. Melissa wrote a really wonderful post about things you can do in the morning for someone else that can really set the tone for the day. I’m a big believer that almost immediately after you wake up, you’ve made up your mind for how the day’s going to be. Take a few of Melissa’s points to heart.

Hi, My Name is Emily, and I’m Pro-Corporate

Well, my name’s not Emily – but Emily Jasper writes in this post how “Corporate America” and “The Man” may not be such a terrible thing after all. I agree – and while I personally see myself as an entrepreneur over the long haul, there is a LOT to be learned and valued from the “corporate” environment”. We need to hear more “realistic” perspectives like Emily’s.

Crunch Time. And Learning: Unfiltered

I keep wondering when Sydney will run out of post titles to add “Unfiltered” to, but so far, she’s kept the streak alive! I love posts like this that retrospect just how much has happened in a year – Sydney and I have very similar stories and while we’ve ended up in different places, we both clearly have no regrets and couldn’t be happier. Great advice for those approaching the “crunch time” of college graduation.


And last – I mentioned it was a great week for me – namely for announcing The Epiphany Moment (which goes live March 2nd) and on Tuesday I had a post featured on Copyblogger! Copyblogger is sort of the “it” when it comes to blogging, at least in my mind. It was extremely humbling and an honor to be included in their neck of the woods.

While you’re making the rounds, stop by and check out my Copyblogger post, “10 Pathways to Inspired Writing“.

What were some of your favorite moments from the week that was?

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