Friday Quick Hits: Barely Coming Up For Air (But A Lot of Great Stuff to Read)

Hello and Happy Friday to everyone out there. Life is pretty much insanity right now in my neck of the woods, so Friday Quick Hits is a little bit condensed this week – that being said, here are some great reads and finds from the week that should keep you busy while you drink your morning coffee or slack off at work today. Enjoy!

Danny Brown has been MIA for a bit working through some health issues – but he’s getting back to business and it’s great to see him back in the blogging/Social Media neck of the woods. If you’re not already reading his blog or associating with him in some way – today is a great day to stop by his casa and say hello!

Colin Wright has released his latest (and greatest) e-book, “Networking Awesomely” – and it’s something that you’d be doing yourself  a disservice by passing it up. I’m looking forward to really diving in and reading this on the plane when I travel in a couple weeks – at $20, this is an absolute steal and something you’d be crazy to miss.

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16 Responses
  • Brad Reply

    One day I will dream of being in your Friday Quick Hits. But today I dream of Beyonce and peanut butter. And my upcoming trip to China.

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Peanut Butter, Beyonce, and China…I feel like there's a great story there I am totally missing…

  • Colin Wright Reply

    Thanks for the shout on Networking Awesomely, Matt!

    By the way, I think your gangsta face was the best over at The Middle Finger Project. I would by drugs from you after that, and maybe join your gang.

  • Mars Dorian Reply

    Awesome, and I even know most of them,

    Haven't read her new one on the middle finger project, gotta change that now.
    You doing a lot for the community, Matt,
    thanks for that !

  • Sean Reply

    Thanks for the mention Matt, great to be included with so many other awesome articles and bloggers!

  • Jen Reply

    Hey Matt
    Thanks for the link love Matt. Made my day to be featured here! :) Off to read the other links that i haven't read yet.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Of course Colin – can't wait to dive in and read through the entire thing (first, I think I need to get my wedding taken care of!)

    And thank you sir, always glad to know I've that intimidation factor with the #gangstaface, lol

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Sure thing buddy – I always want to take time to put the spotlight on others doing great things out there (and there is a lot of great stuff happening out there). Thanks as always for stopping by my friend.

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Of course buddy – did you get my email last week? We will chat soon – you have my word – life is a whirlwind with the wedding less than two weeks away…that's a good excuse, right? :) Hope all is well buddy!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    No problem Jen – well deserved. Hope you had a great weekend and here's to a great week ahead!

  • Danny Brown Reply

    Hey there mate,

    Cheers for the really kind words and shout out. One of the things that really helped me keep going while I was “away” was the friendship and support of people like your good self; it's something I am definitely grateful for and always will be.

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your recos, and hey – good luck with the upcoming wedding, dude! :)

  • czimmermann Reply

    Hey Matt
    Next Friday being “No Pants Day” – I think you should find a special way to celebrate that at Life Without Pants.
    Got a whole week to ponder that.

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Haha well in honor of No Pants Day this year I'll be enjoying my wedding rehearsal and dinner – getting married next Saturday (May 8th)! :)

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Of course Danny – you are doing some amazing things and you are seriously an inspiration to myself and many others. I can't wait to see where you're headed next and I sincerely hope opportunities will present themselves for us to collaborate together on future project. Cheers!

  • czimmermann Reply

    Can't find a more special way to celebrate than that! Enjoy every minute. Congrats!

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