Hello and Happy Friday to everyone out there. Life is pretty much insanity right now in my neck of the woods, so Friday Quick Hits is a little bit condensed this week – that being said, here are some great reads and finds from the week that should keep you busy while you drink your morning coffee or slack off at work today. Enjoy!

Danny Brown has been MIA for a bit working through some health issues – but he’s getting back to business and it’s great to see him back in the blogging/Social Media neck of the woods. If you’re not already reading his blog or associating with him in some way – today is a great day to stop by his casa and say hello!

Colin Wright has released his latest (and greatest) e-book, “Networking Awesomely” – and it’s something that you’d be doing yourself  a disservice by passing it up. I’m looking forward to really diving in and reading this on the plane when I travel in a couple weeks – at $20, this is an absolute steal and something you’d be crazy to miss.

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