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This Week: A Celebration of the U2Charist!

With the release of U2’s latest album ‘No Line on the Horizon‘ this past Tuesday, I wanted to pay a little homage to one of the most influential bands of the past few decades. Sadly, nothing was coming to mind. Until I stumbled across this phenomenon: The U2Charist. Throw away those old boring Hymns and Hallelujahs, you can now Praise the Lord Almighty while rocking out to Beautiful Day, Pride,  Sunday Bloody Sunday, Elevation, and all of your other favorite U2 classics.

(Ala Wikipedia) The U2Charist was initially started in the U.S. Episcopal Church but has been adapted by several other denominations (and has apparently spread like wildfire through the states). While U2’s music has been used in liturgy for years, the first ‘U2Charist’ was designed in 2003 for a service held in Baltimore. Since then, churches across the world have developed their own U2Charist services and now, with the click of a mouse, you can find when a U2Charist is happening in a city near you! I think most of us are aware of Bono’s open dedication to his faith – but basing an entire service around the music of U2? Really? Isn’t that like the ultimate end-all be-all for any musical artist? Fans considering your music worship-worthy. Let’s remember that Bono is a man, not some supreme deity. Wow. For those doubters and disbelievers out there – here is an entire website dedicated to linking (sometimes loosely) U2 songs to Bible scriptures.

And now, I leave you with this incredibly awesome video of what is, quite possibly, the best/worst U2Charist celebration to date. Bono would be proud!

A Few Observations:

  • The flip cards: Why? It’s just every rhyming word – I don’t think there is a whole lot of significance with the words ‘Cigar’ ‘Mole’ & ‘Hips’. She starts out ok, but loses any sense of control after the first chorus. The guy at the 1:36 mark is priceless. He is desperately trying to keep his composure while a flood of massive flip-cards rains down upon him.
  • The lady with the tambourine + maracas at the 1:04 mark: She is loving her part in this.
  • The house band: The younger guy playing the guitar is thinking to himself ‘This is going to be online for the rest of my life. Great.’ Meanwhile, the guy on keys is just staring up at the flip-card lady in disbelief. Actually, I think everyone was pretty much dumbfounded for this 3 minute performance (see man in crowd @ 3:03 mark).
  • And last, but not least, the guy in the black sleeveless t-shirt who thinks he IS Bono: If you’ve already watched it, go back and watch it again paying attention to just this guy. He is clearly ‘that guy’ – you know, the guy in a choir who tries too hard and sings way louder than everyone else. Then he finally gets his solo and he nails it (figuratively speaking). He has probably been living in his mom’s basement for the past 30 years WAITING for this moment – and for three minutes, he was able to live his dream. Way to go man!

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