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It’s been a while, but Awesome Friday! has finally made it’s triumphant return to Life Without Pants. We’re launching a new format that promises you’ll take away something that will help you live life a little easier, laugh a little (or maybe a lot), and learn a thing or two from some great folks around the web. Every Friday, make Life Without Pants a part of your morning routine. Right here is the place to be for your five minute does of hilarity and enlightenment.

Live Easier (Awesome Friday at Life Without Pants)Offline Gmail

We all know Gmail is one of the most widely used email platforms out there – being web-based, it allows you access from any computer. The one problem with this is that access is inherently limited by your Internet connection. No Internet, no Gmail (until now). A few months ago, Gmail introduced ‘Offline Gmail’ within the Gmail Labs – which grants you the ability to access your Gmail in box in offline mode. How? I’ll let the Google experts explain it themselves:

‘Once you turn on this feature, Gmail uses Gears to download a local cache of your mail. As long as you’re connected to the network, that cache is synchronized with Gmail’s servers. When you lose your connection, Gmail automatically switches to offline mode, and uses the data stored on your computer’s hard drive instead of the information sent across the network. You can read messages, star and label them, and do all of the things you’re used to doing while reading your webmail online. Any messages you send while offline will be placed in your outbox and automatically sent the next time Gmail detects a connection. Our goal is to provide nearly the same browser-based Gmail experience whether you’re using the data cached on your computer or talking directly to the server.’

No longer will you be bound by the restraints of web-based email – Activate the Offline Gmail feature today – you’ll be glad you did. (Gmail – Settings – Labs – Offline Gmail – voila!)

Laugh Harder (Awesome Friday at Life Without Pants)1,000 Awesome Things

1,000 Awesome Things is pretty self-explanatory. Every weekday a new ‘awesome thing’ is chronicled on this blog-turned-book (to be published in Spring 2010). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught myself nodding my head in agreement as I read through these. A few of my favorites: # 980 Old, dangerous playground equipment. #956 Using Rock-Paper-Scissors to settle anything. #820 Making it out of the bathroom before anyone realizes you made it smell that way. Check out the rest of the list for some good laughs and agreeing head-nods (can’t wait for the book to hit shelves)!

Learn More (Awesome Friday at Life Without Pants)‘Five Ways to Help You Finally Get Some Work Done| Justin Brown (Primer Magazine)

If you’re living the life of an entrepreneur, odds are you’re doing a lot of work from home. The freedom is great but with it, comes added distractions. Nobody likes to work, we’d all rather be tweeting, reading blogs, going for a jog, or watching some SportsCenter reruns. This week on Primer Magazine’s ‘Five for Friday’ feature, Justin Brown shares some valuable words of wisdom that will increase your productivity and efficiency. One I happen to (really) agree with: Change of Scenery (not necessarily leaving, but redecorating) – “Alter your sanctuary so that you have no interest in anything except getting work done, when you sit down at the clean and newly positioned desk.”

‘Old-School Marketing No Longer Working? Blame Canada’ | James Chartrand (Copyblogger)

Times they are-a-changin’. The web is revolutionizing the way companies market to consumers. Long gone are the days of telling consumers what they have to buy. Nowadays it’s about persuading and influencing purchasing decisions. Romancing your customers, enhancing brand perception, putting on the charm, and pushing them in the right direction. James takes a tongue-in-cheek look at new marketing strategies: ”If you have to become more convincing, quieter, and more ethical, blame Canada.”

‘A Lesson in Retaining Customers’ | Grace Boyle (Small Hands, Big Ideas)

Grace Boyle shares a personal excerpt this week that speaks volumes on the importance of customer service. The take-away? It doesn’t take much to leave a lasting impression. The small details can go a long way to impressing your customers, giving them a reason to do business with you again and again. “It’s the little things that mean the most”.


Come back next week for another edition of Awesome Friday (and tell some friends to do the same). In the meantime, what were some of YOUR favorites from this week? What did I miss? Enjoy the day and have a great weekend!

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