Many of us have probably had a spiritual vision in our lives before. A moment in which we have seen or experienced something we can’t quite explain. Regardless of your belief background, we can all appreciate the intimacy and connection one can develop within their own faith. Likewise, those of the Christian faith believe that the Lord and Jesus are everywhere and anywhere, and can materialize in any form at any time, after all, a supreme being has no limits, right? But, doesn’t the line have to be drawn somewhere? Haven’t believers gone just a tad off the deep end when they are confessing that their Cheeto represents the son of God? Or that Jesus has bestowed upon a family the miracle of fixing their freezer’s ice maker?

I came across this video below, and am still dumbfounded by it. Locally, here in Nashville, there is the mysterious legend of the ‘Nun Bun’ – so I know about this food-vision anomaly first hand. I love how so many news stations are reporting these stories. It’s like there is a huge archive of Jesus-in-food-or-other-inanimate-object video clips for stations to use on those days when there is virtually nothing else to report. It’s great – and you know what, it may seem ridiculous, but bravo to all of these people for bringing a little bit of the Lord into their lives, whether it be in a fish stick or a piece of plywood.

Finally Tonight, Jesus. Yet Another ‘Savior Sighting’

Jesus shown materialized in: Grilled cheese sandwhiches, windows, tree bark, fish sticks, cats, ultrasounds, salsa, cinnamon buns, buckets of filth, telephone poles, pancakes, toast, cement, plywood, folded shirts, inside the TV, clouds, waffles, frying pans, silverware, moths, human flesh, turtle shells, rocks, grapes, ice cream, dirty sinks, potato chips, breath mints, and during storm chases in the ‘land of God’.

Here’s to hoping that, whatever you do today, builds your own personal faith. And remember, people who ride motorcycles should believe in God.

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