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Awesome Friday! [02/20/09]

Every Friday here at Life Without Pants is an Awesome Friday! As we celebrate the end of the work week and kick of the weekend, we’ll take a look at some of the most random and hilarious news and media dug up from around the web + promote and recognize some local and global initiatives. It could be something serious, it most likely will be funny, but it will always make you think, and sometimes make you ask yourself, ‘WTF?’.  So make LWP part of your Friday-morning routine; right here is the place to be for your five-minute dose of hilarity and enlightenment.

This week we feature: NON ALCOHOLIC VODKA?


Yes, pregnant women and underage teenagers rejoice! Now you can enjoy the burning sensation and undeniable flavor of pure vodka without the alcohol! I tried to put my finger on this, but I have to say: What’s the point? Honestly? Why bother drinking vodka at all if you’re not going to feel any effects from it? Not that I am condoning drunken-ness, but if I am going to struggle sipping down such a foul-tasting beverage, I want to be rewarded for my efforts with at least a little buzz. We already have a plethora of brews that have been neutered of their potency for the sake of preserving flavor. Non-alcoholic beer, decaffeinated coffee, tea, and soda. But at least for the sake of argument these still have a good taste (debatable but work with me here). But non-alcoholic vodka? I just can’t see their being ANY demand for this. This just reinforces that nothing should ever surprise us. If it can be done, thy will be done!

And Around the Web We Go!

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  1. Non-A Vodka!? WTF!

    I can hardly stomach the real stuff (and I only have one goal in mind)! Ick.

    And the faces? The creepy, CREEPY faces? Ewwwww. I stared for a good minute wondering what the hell those faces were about.

    Thanks for great Friday morning goodness!

  2. @ Jamie – I know, non-alcoholic vodka seems entirely pointless to me, what will they think of next? And the animal-part masks, I'm going to have nightmares for weeks….Come by every Friday (well, more often than that) but I'll keep this tradition going every Friday morning!

  3. @ Nathan – that's true – they wouldn't think anyone would be bold enough to carry around a bottle labled 'non alcoholic vodka' – it would have worked like a charm!

  4. I am having a premonition of the inventor sitting in his vaulted ceiling garage surrounded by an exorbitant amount of recalled boxes, with his neck tie loosened, smoking a cigarette and clenching his forhead muttering “……Stupid. Stupid. Stupid!”

  5. HAHA – I think you fully captured that feeling of stupidity. I can see this guy sitting in the garage chugging bottles of non-alcoholic vodka just to get rid of it! Thanks for coming by, hopefully you'll be a regular around here – and I'll be sure to come by your blog!

  6. Vodka without alcohol is like life without vodka. Oh wait…I think that was on the SATs.

    Seriously, that's a horrible idea.
    (Love the blog, though!

  7. Vodka without alcohol is like life without vodka. Oh wait…I think that was on the SATs.

    Seriously, that's a horrible idea.
    (Love the blog, though!