Nothing is Unrealistic. Anything is Possible.

Here’s a kick in the ass. A wake up call. An awakening. A realization. An affirmation.

Nothing is unrealistic. Anything is possible.

This is something that, for the past several years, I’ve had to continue to remind myself. When people ask how I’ve ended up where I am today – I of course have a story to tell: From my tumultuous upbringing with a gay mom and an ultra-conservative dad – from the time I delivered door-to-door ads out of financial desperation – to the day I got fired – to the day I realized that entrepreneurship was a real possibility – and to the day that I fully embraced this lifestyle as the one I was meant to live.

But what I’ve been through has, in all honesty, not been an incredible tale of intrigue and wild adventure – rather, it’s very much been a journey inward – to not only discovering what I’m capable of through learning and hustle, but embracing and accepting that I’m capable of doing anything I set out to do. 

The former is easy – the latter is much, much more difficult. Getting out of your own way is the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do.

Nothing is unrealistic. Anything is possible. 

There’s an article I bookmarked over a year ago, written by my friend Ashley Ambirge – in which she describes the “67 emotions for her success”. It’s all a worthy read, but her closing is a creed, a gospel, an affirmation that should be printed out and put somewhere that you can see it, every single day:

For everyone out there thinking to yourself that it’s unrealistic, YOU ARE WRONG.

For everyone out there shackled by fear, telling yourself that you could lose everything, YOU ARE RIGHT.

And for everyone out there that, despite that knowledge, is still willing to risk it by fighting for something more out of this fleeting speck of time we’re granted here on earth, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO WILL TRULY SUCCEED.

Because at the very least, you know that you did everything you could.

Not many people can say the same.

Nothing is unrealistic. Anything is possible.