“My” Golf Cart – Beechpoint Golf Marathon

This was my first experience driving a golf cart. After all of the WWII reenactments I’ve attended it didn’t take much to go into Walter Mitty (or Calvin and Hobbes) mode and turn it into a US Army jeep, with myself being an Army scout driving deep behind enemy lines to get critical reconnaissance….

I was surprised at how much of a beating my equipment ended up taking. I was literally running with it, at times, to get into position for the next shot, and the off road stuff, of course, was quite bumpy. I guess that’s why the pros pay for the good stuff 😉 I put the camera on the seat next to me and sat on the strap so that it wouldn’t fall out.

Beechpoint Golf Marathon. Each participant had to golf 100 holes of golf. Lynx Golf Course is 18 holes, so that was five and a half times around.