2011 Grad Week | Lesson 4: Goals Aren’t Everything

It’s been a great week here at Life Without Pants, with everything being dedicated to new graduates and job-seekers, the response has been tremendous, and what I’ve found is that the advice shared isn’t at all limited to younger just-out-of-college folk, but instead, can and does apply to everyone.

On Monday we talked about the idea that “tomorrow isn’t forever” and that what you’re doing tomorrow almost certainly will not be what you’re doing a couple years from now (or sooner).

On Tuesday I shared my opinion on “shattering the ladder” and the fact that the old American Dream we were brought up on is long gone, and that in today’s world, it’s up to you to create your own path, instead of climbing that narrow ladder.

Yesterday I shared to of my most valuable lessons: 1) Never stop learning. Because if you’re not learning, you’re not living. 2) Network like crazy. Over coffee, with a beer, at a conference, in the office – do everything you can to learn form other people and tap into their insight and ideas. Learning from others is the #1 way to expand your own knowledge and grow, both personally and professionally.

Today, I’m chatting about goals. Of course we all have goals and it’s important to have a sense of direction for where you’re headed. But my point today is that goals may be getting in your way.

You see, if you’re solely focused on those big goals you have, you’re probably not keeping your eyes open to other opportunities. You may be saying no to a lot of things that aren’t directly contributing to your goals. While avoiding distractions in life is critical, it’s equally critical that you leave yourself open to possibility.

So yes, keep your goals, and shoot for them. But consider other opportunities around you. Take risks. Don’t (always) think rationally. Dare to be bold.

Welcome to the Real World

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